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Abstract: Does Airwheel R6 like a traditional bike? R6 lightweight trekking bike is not far from familiar to them and it will not stop here. It will benefit riders in a far-reaching way. Forget troubles and pressures from work, and get rid … Continue reading

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Airwheel R3 Electric Moped Bike Is the Star in the 2017 HK Electronics Fair

Abstract: 2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair has attracted large numbers of branded and influential exhibitors all over the world. This year, Airwheel joined the exhibition with its newly-developed electric scooters and electric foldable bikes, like R3. On the occasion of … Continue reading

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Goddard’s Comments on Airwheel Mars Rover

Abstract: With the passage of day, Airwheel electric scooter spread widely all over the world. It became a household name now. Goddard, as a loyal fan of Airwheel is to comment on Airwheel mars rovers. More and more people have … Continue reading

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