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Abstract: Now, we are surrounded by junk food and fast food, because of the heavy work and traffic. Even in lunch time, they will devour ravenously. What’s worse, they will sit in front of the computer all day long. Keeping … Continue reading

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Airwheel R3 Electric Aided-Bicycle Gives Riders Sexy Lines

Abstract: For boys, strong abdominal muscles and bicipital muscles make them attractive and handsome. However, beautiful body is always realized by remorseless bodybuilding exercise. Now that bodybuilding is so popular, here suggests an effective and interesting exercise, which is riding … Continue reading

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Analysis on the Customer Base of Each New Product of Airwheel: the Racing Helmet C8, C6, R3 and Z8

Abstract: Of late, Airwheel has launched a series of new products. They are suitable for different customers. For example, the motorcycle helmet is suitable for the motorcycle riders and Airwheel R3 for the young white-collar workers. The recently released new … Continue reading

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