Airwheel H3T power chair: don’t forget to upgrade your parents travel equipment

Abstract: The old people’s lives also need equipment that can always accompany them to control their lives more freely, so that they will not be troubled by physical decline and inconvenience. Choose an Airwheel smart wheelchair for parents to allow them lead a free intelligent life too.

Airwheel H3T is equipped with a powerful dual motor wheel, so that the wheelchair can move effortlessly only by controlling the riding lever, and the speed can reach 6km/h. The front wheels use 8-inch universal wheels, and the rear wheels are 12.5-inch pneumatic tires. Considering that the old people are difficult to get started with smart equipment, the control joystick of the Airwheel H3T power wheelchair lists the function buttons such as acceleration, deceleration, horn, and switch lights at a glance. You only need to press the buttons, and the direction is controlled by the 360° rotating joystick. The brake function is simple and safe. It uses EABS electromagnetic brake. When your hand leaves the joystick, the wheelchair will automatically park. Even on a slope, it can be safely parked on the slope without worrying about slipping.

In addition to the smart joystick, the control method is also equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, and has developed a mobile phone APP. Through any method, you can control movement, headlights, speakers, etc. Even without the help of others, they can get in and out of wheelchairs better and have more freedom in daily life.

Airwheel H3S remote control

The Airwheel H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair is also designed with foldable joints, using an electric structure design. Just press the fold/unfold button, the entire process will be completed automatically, avoiding the tedious manual folding/unfolding, which is very convenient. Through the remote control mode, the wheelchair can also be folded/unfolded, which greatly improves the convenience.

In terms of details, its performance is also remarkable. The smart handle on the joystick can be interchanged left and right to meet people with different hand habits; the front of the joystick is equipped with high-intensity LED lighting, which can clearly show the road ahead at night and avoid obstacles safely; when riding backwards , the horn will automatically emit a warning sound, without manual operation. To sum up, H3T smart wheelchair is worth trying.

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