Airwheel F3 electric mask is to protect you during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Abstract: Because of the epidemic, masks have become a necessity in our current lives. Although it protects our respiratory health, there are still some problems that plague most wearers and need to be resolved. Recently, as a company that has long been committed to intelligent technology to provide new ways for life, Airwheel has launched a new mask reformed by intelligent technology-F3 fresh air mask.

What’s new compared with the ordinary masks?

For the ordinary masks, it will make people feel suffocated and have difficulty breathing if wear long time. Worse, the the water vapor generated by breathing will also make the mask moist and lose its proper protection. In order to solve this problem, Airwheel F3 intelligent fresh air masks are specially designed with an aerodynamic system, equipped with electrostatic micromotors and booster fans. The fresh air can enter and waste air out, with the double filters to form a complete air circulation. Every time you breathe in fresh air, and stay away from the suffocating and poor breathing experience, while ensuring that the inside of the mask is dry and not damp.

Airwheel F3 electric mask not only uses soft food grade soft silicone, but also uses ergonomic design to make the mask fully fit the face, while ensuring not cause indentation on the face and excellent mask sealing. A variety of lengths can be adjusted to suit users with different head types, and you can flexibly choose between two ways of hanging ears and wearing heads according to different preferences and needs.

In addition, Airwheel F3 smart mask is also equipped with a dedicated APP, which can monitor the use of the filter in real time according to the use time and environment, promptly remind users to replace the filter, and can also record the total wearing time, remaining power, automatic air volume adjustment mode, remote switch mask, etc.

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