Airwheel SE3minip scooter suitcase will transform your travel

Abstract: What kind of tourism is what you want? In addition to reasonable itinerary planning and interesting travel routes, there is also a need for a smart suitcase that can be ridden. Airwheel SE3minip carry-on smart luggage is recommended if you take a lot of shuttles and regional flights, whether domestic or international.

Airwheel designed the optional batteries in SE3minip scooter luggage to be easily ejectable, so you can check your suitcase at a moment’s notice or even use the battery for on-the-go charging. The suitcase battery is compliant with current airline policies, FAA, TSA, and DOT regulations and meets UN/DOT 38.3 requirements. It is allowed in the cabin and can be carried onto any flight.

It is super easy to ride. Airwheel SE3minip smart rideable luggage is equipped with a one-touch retractable hidden patented handlebar, which integrates acceleration, braking and reversing. Tap the right handlebar to accelerate and go forward, press the left handlebar lightly to achieve braking, and press both can go back. When the road is not accessible, you can flexibly retreat at any time. You can flexibly advance and retreat at stations/airports with a lot of traffic and complex environments.

Regarding the strength, Airwheel SE3minip suitcase electric scooter uses a multilayer composite ABS material, which is more sturdy and durable than the PC material. It can withstand a certain intensity of impact. At the same time, it uses a PC film, which is waterproof and abrasion resistant. The two materials greatly improve the strength and durability of the suitcase. In order to further ensure the strength, SE3minip motorized rideable luggage also uses its own patented aluminum frame, an integrated different series high-grade aluminum alloy box frame, and is equipped with high-strength riveting reinforcements to comprehensively ensure the stability, whose load can reach 100kg.

The battery pack adopts a modular design, which can be taken out just by disconnecting it, and it can pass quickly and worry-free when passing the security check. At the same time, Airwheel SE3minip suitcase electric scooter complies with the international 20-inch boarding case specification, and it can be carried directly on board without checking. Moreover, the bright color design will make you bright all the way.

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