To experience the considerate details of Airwheel SE3mini robotics suitcase

Abstract: Smart luggage is different from traditional luggage, and it becomes more convenient and labor-saving. This time, I would like to introduce Airwheel SE3mini to you scooter suitcase.

First, I would like to talk about the operation. I don’t like to get any complicated items, any. Airwheel SE3mini’s control is super easy, just pull out the riding rod, transforming it into an electric scooter and then I can sit and go directly. There are left and right handlebars on the riding lever, the right side accelerates / forwards, and the left side is the brake, even the elderly can easily get started. If turn the left brake lever without loosening it and then turn the right lever, you can control the SE3mini motorized rideable luggage to reverse in place, which is a very practical function in crowds and narrow aisles.

I don’t have to worry about the suitcase being too small, it will deform and damage for a long time. It is made of ABS + PC material, which is waterproof and scratch-resistant, and the performance of strength and toughness is also good. At the same time, Airwheel SE3mini suitcase electric scooter adopts an integrally formed frame supporting structure, high-strength riveting and strengthening processes, and the load can reach 100kg.

The cover adopts a side opening design, and a reliable Velcro seal is designed between the cover and the body. It can also fully protect privacy, suitable for outdoor temporary pick-and-place. Airway SE3mini riding luggage modular design battery pack is placed inside the cover to meet the needs of flight users. After security check, they can quickly disconnect the battery pack from it, worry-free through security. The separately-removed battery pack is also designed with a USB charging port, which can be transformed into a power bank after being removed to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. I must say it is useful and convenient, as I am a phone freak.

Finally, SE3mini scooter luggage’s TSA customs code lock not only prevents anti-theft, and also provides convenience for people who travel abroad frequently. We do not need to worry about the luggage being violently opened at the customs inspection.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited

Contact Person: Jonas


Phone: +32 106 133 24


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