Airwheel SR5 intelligent auto-following luggage turns “carry-on” into “walk-on”

Abstract: Want to release the pressure of carrying a heavy suitcase? Want to enjoy your free-handed journey? Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage is what you want, that automatically follows the owner.

Traveling can be either a joy or a pain, and the luggage you use to tote your stuff is one of the biggest factors in determining which. Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-driving suitcase turns “carry-on” into “walk-on”. The easy operation makes everyone can use it the moment they get it. Just wear the smart bracelet that comes with the suitcase and you will be the owner.

Self-driving luggage

Self-driving luggage

The SR5 is capable of real-time data transmission with the smart bracelet. The motor wheel is moved based on the user’s walking speed and position, and the direction and speed are flexibly adjusted. At the same time, SR5 self-driving suitcase is also equipped with ultrasonic detectors, infrared range finder and other modules to achieve the function of intelligent avoidance of obstacles, without giving users unnecessary trouble. In addition, if the distance to the user is detected to exceed 3 meters, the smart bracelet will vibrate immediately, and there will never be a case where the suitcase disappears. In order to pass the security check when flying, the battery pack adopts a modular design and can be disassembled and installed by plugging and unplugging.

The capacity is about 30L, which is sufficient for the daily travels. Moreover, the planning of the interior space is also extremely scientific, and there is a storage bag for storing small items such as laptops and digital cameras, which can place items in a well-defined manner. The SR5 self-following suitcase‘s is also designed with a USB charging port to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is not only equipped with the TSA customs universal password lock, but also has a fingerprint lock, which can be flexibly selected according to time and occasion.

If you are considering to get a smart suitcase or just have one any kind of Airwheel products, welcome to contact us and let us know how we’re doing and what we can do better.

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