To learn the user-friendly designs of Airwheel SE3 carry-on smart luggage.

Abstract: The suitcase is a must-have item for travel. With the wave of smart technology in recent years, the luggage market has also added a new choice, that is, smart luggage. Today, we will talk about the Airwheel SE3 Modobag in a detail.

Airwheel SE3 robotics suitcase is such kind of suitcase, made of ABS+PC, which is non-slip, scratch-resistant, splash-proof. The interior is also designed with two sets of whole aluminum alloy for reinforcement. One side is equipped with colorful breathing lights, which are attention-catching in the dark. At the same time, it is equipped with taillights, which can be used to alert the passers-by around when riding, to ensure safety.


Turn on the power and press the telescopic switch to allow the SE3’s motor wheel and the riding rod to automatically extend out. After that, adjust the height of the rod. SE3 suitcase electric scooter can be restored to the normal mode in reverse operation. When riding, the speed can reach 6km/h under the driving of the motor wheel. If you want to drag, pull out the tow bar on the other side and the drawbar has three gear positions and can be adjusted by itself. When towing, mainly tires landed on the ground, which is lighter and quieter.

In addition to the realization of the riding function, the SE3 motorized rideable luggage is also designed with a USB charging port, which can charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Even if the mobile phone is in a low battery condition during the trip, it can be easily and promptly replenished to ensure normal use. The lock uses the TSA customs universal password lock.

There is also a layer for separation. The outer space is designed with different sizes of storage bags, which can store folders, books, pens, charging lines and other trivial objects. SE3 riding luggage’s internal storage space is about 29.3L, which is enough for a short-distance travel within a week. The left and right sides of the interior space are designed with net bags, which can be flexibly selected according to the needs when sorting luggage items, so as to be as clear and easy to access as possible.

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